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Health definition by WHO (World Health Organization) given in the year 1948 with a phrase that is still used today.


“HEALTH is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”Thus, Health definition by WHO has explained every aspect of health.

Being healthy is the greatest pleasure. There is also the saying – ‘First happiness is healthy work’ only a person can enjoy the full life of his life, when he is physically and mentally healthy. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore, physical health is also mandatory for mental health. A person with good health can survive more efficiently.

A foreign scholar, Dr. Benedict Zeste has said – ‘The good health is the precious jewel, whose value is known when it is lost.’The question arises that what is health, that is, to whom can we call healthy? It is generally believed that there is no physical and mental illness in any kind of health. This is a negative definition.But it is not completely true. Actually the direct connection of health is through functioning. The person who is fully functioning with body and mind can be said to be completely healthy. Whenever there is disease, there is alteration of activity thus health is affected. We almost see health by linking only to sickness. But health is not just the name of not being sick. The explanation of “health definition by who” is as given-

  • What is physical health?

Physical health refers to the condition of the body. When all the internal and external organs, tissues, cells work properly of the body, why they should work. It involves body structure, development, methodology and maintenance. It is also the functional and capacity level of an organism that is fit to do daily work. Like hearing, folding, walking, seeing and other normal activities. The following criteria are to ensure good physical health.-

  1. All parts of the body are of normal size and function properly.
  2. Sound sleep with balanced diet.
  3. Functioning – Having flexibility, strength, and endurance.
  4. Pulse vibration, body weight and exercise tolerance etc.

All should be in accordance with general standards for the size, age and gender of the person.

  • What is Mental Health?

The meaning of mental health is from our emotional, psychological and social welfare. It affects how we think, feel and act. It also helps to demarcate how we handle stress. How to treat and meet others. During life, if we experience mental health problems. So your thinking, mood and behavior can be affected.

Top 5 way to keep it good is the following-

  1. Have Proper sleep.
  2. Think positively and be physically active.
  3. Maintaining goodness, peace and prosperity in practice.
  4. Keep the balance of mind
  5. Meeting with others and helping them.
  • What is Spiritual Health?

However, there is no scale to define spiritual health. But we can say that our good health is incomplete without being spiritually healthy. Because looking for the meaning and purpose of life makes us spiritually. Rich spiritual health reflects our personal values ​​and values, such as happiness, meaning, harmony, purpose, hope, power and inner peace in our lives.

There are some ways to keep these good-

  1. Know yourself because the soul that knows and experiences yourself will always be calm and holy.
  2. Meditation is the best way for spiritual well-being.
  3. Analysing the one’s self.
  4. Deep breathing exercise can help to arouse spirituality.
  • What is Intellectual health ?

It has cognitive ability to develop skills and knowledge to enhance the life of anyone. It has been shown to the ability of a person to think constructively, to think, question it around, focus on current events, and adapt unexpected obstacles. Those who are intellectually healthy, they are instruments. They maintain an open mind and display the ability to see issues with many different perspectives.

1.Do not be in control of covetousness and be prepared to face problems and find their intellectual solution.

2.Do not be in control of self-control, fear, anger, temptation, jealousy, guilt and anxiety.

3.Keeping in humility in all kinds of behaviors and keeping the needs of others in mind.

4.Those who compromised can accept criticism, criticism and are not easily disturbed.

  • What is Social Health?

In your social health, you have the ability to make mutual connections with others. Why we are social beings. Being accepted by everyone in social form is linked to our spiritual prosperity.

  1. Establish a sense of identity.
  2. Develop relationships with others.
  3. Continuous efforts to bring happiness and happiness to family and society.
  4. Working of social welfare as per its capacity.

It is all about the health. Here we tried to explain every aspect of health which is provided in health definition by WHO.

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