Leucorrhea Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Leucorrhea Causes Symptoms and Treatment

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The article Leucorrhea Causes Symptoms and Treatment help you to know more about it. First of all we will discuss what is leucorrhea ?

Leucorrhea is defined as an excessive normal vaginal discharge. It may be physiological or pathological.

Leucorrhea Causes Symptoms and Treatment
Leucorrhea Causes Symptoms and Treatment


Leucorrhea is characterized as –

  1.  Non-purulent and non offensive
  2. Non-irritant and never causes pruritus.
  3. It turns brownish yellow on drying (or exposure to air).

Leucorrhea Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Causes of leucorrhea (Pathophysiology):-

The excessive secretion occur due to following factors are as follows-

  1. Physiologic excess
  2. cervical cause (cervical leucorrhea)
  3. vaginal cause (vaginal leucorrhoea)
  4. Other causes

  1.Physiologic excess:- 

Due to rise in the estrogen level, the normal secretion is expected to increase in condition such as-

  A. During puberty →

 Increased level of endogenous estrogen


   Overgrowth of endocervical epithelium

May encroach onto the ectocervix

Producing congenital ectopy (erosion)


Increased secretion

   B.During menstrual cycle→

  • Around ovulation:- Due to peak rise of estrogen there is increase in the secretory activity of cervical glands.
  • Premenstrual pelvic congestion and increase mucus secretion results from hypertrophied endometrial glands.
  • Pregnancy:- During pregnancy, there is hyperestrinism with increase vascularity with results in increase vaginal transudate and cervical gland secretion.

  2.Cervical cause:-

Noninfective cervical lesion may be produce excessive secretion which pour out at the vulva such as-

  • cervical ectopy
  • chronic cervicitis
  • mucous polyp
  • ectropion (cervical glands are exposed to the vagina)

  3.Vaginal cause:-

The condition associate with increased pelvic congestion leads to increased vaginal transudation such as-

  • Uterine prolapse
  • Acquired retroverted uterus
  • chronic pelvic inflammation
  • Pill use
  • vaginal adenosis

Ill health is one of the important cause of excessive discharge which results in excess exfoliation of the superficial cells.

  4. Other causes : 

These causes mainly occur due to improper maintenance of the health and surroundings. The causes are as follows:

  • Bacterial and fungal infection.
  • Lack of proper hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Irritation due to use of contraception.
  • Trauma to vagina and cervix.
  • Due to urinary tract infection.
  • Due to lack of proper nutritious diet.

Symptoms of leucorrhea:-


The symptoms of leucorrhea differ from one girl to the another. It depends on the character, amount and consistency of the discharge. It may be bland or acrid. The symptoms observed are as follows-

  • Weakness.
  • Lethargy.
  • Vertigo.
  • Cramps in stomach.
  • Backache.
  • Pain in calf muscles.
  • Headache.
  • Constipation.

  Treatment of leucorrhea:-

1. General measures:
  • Improvement of general health & proper nutrition.
  • Maintenance of proper hygiene.
  • Increase water intake so that hydration is maintained.
  • Do not wear tight  undergarments.
  • wash the undergarments with hot water in order to kill bacteria.
  • Pill user may have to stop”pill” temporarily if the symptom is very much annoying.

2. Cervical factors require surgical treatment such as:




3. Pelvic lesions producing vaginal leukorrhea require appropriate therapy in order to treat the pathology.

4. Treatment for specific infection such as candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis etc.

Homoeopathic treatment for leucorrhea:-

There are some medicines that can be helpful for you to get rid of leucorrhea. Some medicine are as follows:

  1. ALUMINA- It is used in recurrent infection. The discharges are acrid, profuse, transparent running down to heel and ropy with burning sensation. It suited to womens of sedentary habits and are constipated.
  2. BORAX- Leucorrhea is like white of an egg. Discharge is profuse, acrid and very much hot. It suited to nervous person having dread of downward motion. Leucorrhea especially after menses.
  3. SILICEA- Milky, acrid leucorrhea during urination. There is intense itching in vulva and vagina. Lack of confidence and stamina. Want of grit both mental and physical. Deficient nutrition due to deficient assimilation.
  4. PLATINA- Bearing down sensation with prolapse of uterus. Leukorrhea during parturition causes violent cramps in limbs and profuse haemorrhage. Mental symptoms alternate with the physical symptoms.
  5. KREOSOTUM- Leucorrhea between the periods. Discharge is very much acrid, corrosive, offensive and yellowish, causes rawness and soreness of the parts. Dragging backache extending to genitalia and down to thighs. Leucorrhea due to poor general health, improper hygiene with anaemia.
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