Tips for healthy teeth and gums and how to care our teeth and gums naturally

Health care tips

Tips for healthy teeth and gums

Brushing your teeth once a day will not make your teeth healthy. There are some tips for healthy teeth and gums and how to care our teeth and gums naturally in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy. There are many types of problems in the gums that can occur at any age. If your gums are not healthy then the teeth will start falling and gums and joints will start to destroy, so you need to take care of your gums. These tips for healthy teeth and gums and how to care our teeth and gums naturally will help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

tips for healthy teeth and gums
tips for healthy teeth and gums

This article also deals with the problems of the gums and their solutions along with the tips for healthy gums so please read till the end carefully.

The article includes-

*Teeth and gum problem                         *Swollen and bleeding gums

*How to strengthen teeth and gums    *Healthiest gum to chew

*Gum disease pain                                     *Healthy gum line

*How to keep teeth and gums healthy naturally     *Healthy teeth and gums

*How to fix unhealthy gums                  *Healthy vs unhealthy gums

When you brush, there is bleeding in the gums, or bleeding during eating? Nowadays you will see toothpaste ads on TV. In the ads Toothpaste is advised to prevent bleeding from gums but if you really have this problem, then instead of changing the toothpaste, you meet the doctor because maybe the problem of bleeding from the gums is a sign of a disease.

The improper dental and oral hygiene may results in the swelling of the gums. Swelling of the gums is a symptom, reflecting various underlying diseases. The main causes of swelling of the gums are-

(i) Gingivitis

(ii) Pyorrhoea or Periodontitis

(iii) Infection of the gums or the oral cavity

(iv) Monilia

(v) Lack of proper nourishment

(vi) Allergy

(vii) Leukaemia

Swelling of gums result in:

(i) The gums become upraised, and recede so that the teeth look longer.

(ii) Redness of the gums.

(iii) The gums pain on touched.

(iv) Interspaces between the teeth may increase resulting in the loosening of teeth.

(v) In more inflamed condition, there may be bleeding from the gums.

(vi) Yellow patches due to accumulation of pus.

What is Gums bleeding?

Tips for healthy teeth and gums

*Gum bleeding is a big problem and we should try to find its treatment as soon as possible.

The bleeding problem from the gums is called gingivitis.This is the first stage of gum problem and at this time you can easily stop it.

Here we mention some easy tips for healthy teeth and gums and how to care our teeth and gums naturally.
If you are not paying attention to it, then this problem can leads to serious matter. So give your full attention on this problem and try to keep your teeth and gums in good condition. After brushing or redness in the gums or taking blood while spitting, is evidence of bleeding from the gum. Normally the reason behind the bleeding gums is swelling in the gums. The plaque is occurs due to deposition or not properly brushing.

Receding Gums:-

There are many types of problems in the gums, which can happen at any age. Gingival recession is caused due to decay of gum tissue. In this, the gums leave the roots of the tooth due to which the size of the teeth appears to be long and outward. The gap formed between the tooth and the gums, help germs to damage the teeth. This problem of gums weakens the roots of teeth, which are not only painful but also harmful.

  • Causes of Gum Recession:-

In this problem the tissues of the gums start moving downwards and the root of the teeth starts coming out which are clearly visible. This problem is due to the improper care and treatment of teeth and gums. It can also be caused by brushing teeth with very strong pressure.

  • Treatment through Home Remedies:-

Tips for healthy teeth and gums and how to care our teeth and gums naturally by some home remedies that help you keep gums and teeth healthy.

  1. Aloe Vera-
best treatment for healthy teeth by aloe vera
tips for healthy teeth and gums

Aloe vera has the properties of reducing pain and swelling. It is very beneficial in mouth ulcers.

*Drinking 2 teaspoons aloe vera juice daily is beneficial.

* As an alternative, rinse the aloe vera juice in the mouth for some time.

* Apply aloe vera gel to the gums and massage them.

* Keep it like this for 15-20 minutes. And then wash your face with water.

* Do this experiment regularly.

2.  Sea Salt-

teeth treatment by sea salt at home
tips for healthy teeth and gums

Sea salt is mostly used in dental problems, tooth decay and gums problem.

• Take small quantities of sea salt.

*Mix it in hot water.

*Let it dissolve in water and rinse with it.

*Repeat this method at least three times a day.

3.  Clove-

teeth treatment
tips for healthy teeth and gums

Cloves have been used domestically for past many years due to problems related to teeth and gums.

Light massage with cloves in gums.

Continue this exercise for a few weeks to get more profit.

Apart from this, clove can be used directly, which affects the mouth with saliva.

  • Tips for stop bleeding gums:-

*Brush and floss every day.

* Rinse the salt with mixed water.

* Clean teeth with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate.

* Regularly check the teeth from the dentist.

Life style changes:-

  • Don’t smoke:-
smoking is dangerous for mouth or teeth
tips for healthy teeth and gums

 If you smoke and if your gums are bleeding, then the main cause is smoke.The toxic elements of cigarettes cause great harm to your gums. Apart from this, smoking is also affects the blood circulation in the gums. Smokers are six times more likely to have gum problems than normal people. Stay away from stress because in this situation, cortisol secretion is more in the body. This reduces the health of gums.

  • About Diet:-

Vitamins and Minerals:- They are the protective food. Due to lack of vitamins and minerals, the condition of the gums becomes bad. Therefore, take adequate amount of vitamins and minerals to prevent bleeding from the gums. Calcium builds teeth, so its deficiency can cause all the mouth problems. So add calcium-rich food items such as milk products, almonds to your diet plan.

Follow a better technique for cleaning your mouth:-
some technique for doing toothbrush
tips for healthy teeth and gums

Brush in teeth do everything but sometimes it still has to face the problems of teeth and gums. It is also possible that there is a need to make some changes related to toothpaste or toothbrush.Brushing properly is not only necessary for the teeth and breathe odor, but also for good health. This protects from having a tooth worm and gum infection or bleeding. Let us learn about essential brushing tips.

How should the tooth brush be?

tips for healthy teeth for toothbrush
tips for healthy teeth and gums

Some people use a hard bristle toothbrush and by pressing the brush very strong force on his teeth, it is wrong. It causes the loss of dental enamel and  increases tooth decay quickly. Apart from this, it also damages gums. Thereby increasing the chances of infection in them. Therefore, soft bristles toothbrush should used. Brush should be able to remove plaque and food particles from the teeth. The toothbrush’s design should be such that it does not have difficulty in running in the mouth, and can easily clean the back teeth. The improper cleaning of the back teeth, results in cavity.

When to Change your Toothbrush:-

Over time, thousands of types of microbes are produced in the brush, which spread infection. So whenever the bristles are broken, bent or sharp, the brush should be changed. According to the dentist, the toothbrush must definitely be changed in three to four months.

How much paste should be applied on the Toothbrush:-
how much paste applied on my toothbrush
tips for healthy teeth and gums

Most of the toothpaste advertisements are shown by filling the paste brush from one end to the other. Actually there is no need to put so much paste. There is a disadvantage by applying more paste. Due to more paste, the mouth is filled with foam which makes it difficult to brush properly. Fluoride-containing paste can be harmful to the stomach. So just put a little paste just like size of peas on the brush. Pay attention to cleanliness.

Here, in this article we try our best to give you useful information and knowledge of “tips for healthy teeth and gums and how to care our teeth and gums naturally.”

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