home remedies for acidity

Home remedies for acidity : How to cure acidity easily at home

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Home remedies for acidity

Acidity is a problem that may harms everyone. Here we have told about the home remedies for acidity. This article describes the problem of acidity and about home remedies for acidity.

home remedies for acidity
home remedies for acidity

What is acidity?

Acidity is the result of excessive secretion of acids in the gastric glands of the stomach. This is a common disorder that happens to everyone. But many times we do not know why this is happening, sometimes burning in the stomach, pain in chest, sour eructation etc may happen. Many times it seems like acid is coming towards the stomach to the mouth. It is not at all that having acids in the stomach is a problem. Acid helps to digest what we eat. But when acids quantity is increases in your stomach, it can become a big problem and it starts coming towards the mouth.

Acidity symptoms-

  • Burning in the stomach, burning in the throat or burning in oesophagus.
  • Along with irritation, pain in the stomach, and if it is persistent for several days or months, it can also form a disease.
  • Due to this kind of problem, neither you sleep nor can you live happily.
  • Frequent problems like Nausea, Flatulence, Lack of appetite and restless mind.
  •  Stomach ache, nervousness, sweating May also come on the body.
  • Constipation occurs due to continuous acidity problems.

In short,

  • Stiffness in the stomach
  • Lack of appetite
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Sour belching
  • Actual vomiting
  • Feeling of restlessness

Due to all these problems a great disease can also be born. In this case, you have to find out what is the reason for acidity?

Causes of acidity-

The acidity may be due to your bad eating habits or maybe your diet plan is wrong. There are many similar problems that cause acidity. We are going to tell in these article Home remedies for acidity that what causes of acidity?

The main cause of acidity is bad habit of eating food.It is very important that your daily meal should be proper.Being proper means that it is pure and not spicy or more oily. The reason for having acidity may be-

  • Due to eating food on time.
  • Because of not getting up early in the morning.
  • Due to spicy food.
  • By eating more oily food.
  • Due to depression, pressure on mind or tension.
  • Over eating or bad effect of medicines.
  • Sleeping soon after eating food.
  • Due to lack of exercise or lack of physical activity.
  • Because of emotional, anger, depression.
  • Due to excessive acidic food and drink.
  • More than drinking tea, alcohol, chocolates, cigarettes.
  • Using more sugar and fine flour.
  • Because of eating unhygienic food.

This problem is common in pregnancy and it is more common in obese people. Now you saw in this article “home remedy for acidity” – What are the causes of acidity? Now we are going to tell you what are the home remedies of acidity?

Home remedies for acidity

Treatment of the problem of acidity is very important with the onset of acidity.If you do not pay attention, it can become a big problem. And may take the form of a disease.

Fennel seeds:-

Fennel contains anti-acid properties. By chew it or rub it in the night, drink it in the morning can relief  the problem of acidity. The fate of the fennel is cold which helps in burning stomach or throat.


Cumin reduces burning in the stomach. Chewing seed of cumin gives relief in the problem of indigestion. Boil cumin well in water, filter it and cool it, then drink it, it provides a lot of relief in the problem of acidity.

Cinnamon and honey mixer:-

If you eat cinnamon and honey mixer before 1 hour of your meal time, too heavy food can be digested easily.Mixer of cinnamon and honey gives a lot of benefit in the digestive process. Eating this does not make the gas or pain in the stomach.


Cinnamon is extremely beneficial in digestion. Boil the cinnamon powder for five minutes in water and then take this water twice a day, so that your acidity and stomach ache will end.

Basil leaves:-

Basil leaves play an important role in the digestive process. It have a compound that has the property of improving the digestive process. It increases the production of mucus in the stomach and cure the ulcers caused by the acidity. After eating, eat 4 to 5 leaves of basil. It can also be consumed by boiling water.

 Green cardamom:-

Green cardamom is very useful for stomach and chest pain. This is very useful for people who are often disturbed by hyperacidity. Cardamom after food improves digestion and simultaneously it works as a mouse freshener.


Clove is very helpful in the problem of acidity. If you are worried everyday due to the problem of acidity, after eating food, keep one or two cloves in the mouth in the bottom or side of the teeth and keep sucking it. Clove juice goes to your stomach and get helps to increase digestive power of your digestive system and makes the salivary gland to work properly in the mouth. It helps in digestion due to which the food can be chewed well in the mouth. The biggest advantage of cloves is that it eliminates the burning sensation in your stomach.


Drink turmeric in water or drink turmeric in milk, is very beneficial for your health. It does not cure only your digestion and acidity, but it also helps in strengthening energy and bones in your body. Turmeric is a very miraculous medicine.

Amla juice:- 

Add one teaspoon of amla powder in a one glass of water daily and drink it in the morning, if the problem of acidity is high then you can take it twice a day. People who are often disturbed with this problem keep amla powder with them and whenever you are in trouble, immediately add 1 teaspoon amla in a glass of water and drink it.

Apart from this, pomegranate juice, strawberry juice, ripe banana, watermelon, cucumber (cucumber), coconut water and cream, buttermilk, peppermint, cold milk without sugar, ginger, Jaggery, all these helps in acidity or stomach ache and digestive process.

See, if you always want to be fit and healthy, then fix your routine, exercise everyday, get up early, eat food on time, go to sleep on time, run at least 3 km daily and eat good and healthy food So you will always be healthy and full of energy.

Now, if you have enjoyed our article home remedies for acidity, please make a comment and tell us what kind of health problems are you dealing with? How can we help you?


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