Early signs of pregnancy

What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy : Early Symptoms Pregnancy


What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a condition that fills any pregnant woman and her family with happiness and excitement. Today, we are going to talk about the topic early signs of pregnancy . This topic what is the early signs of pregnancy or early symptoms of Pregnancy and how to care in 1st to 4th week or first month of pregnancy. This is the topic that can help all about your queries and knowledge about early signs of pregnancy. So, let’s start…

Before start we can inform you that firstly read this information carefully and if you have any questions about pregnancy or want to ask something, write down your comment in the comment box below and we will answer all your questions.


Pregnancy symptoms do not appear in the first and second weeks of pregnancy, but at the end of the first month it starts to appear. If we are aware of the pregnancy at right time then with proper treatment on time, we can prevent various types of risk.

What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy
What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy

What are the early signs of pregnancy?

Early signs of pregnancy

When pregnancy comes, some general change in the body like stress, tension and slight pain in the breasts occurs. This is considered to be the most prevalent signs or symptom of pregnancy.

Dear Friends,

From 40 to 50 years ago, it was believed that if a woman thinks of eating sour, if she feels nauseous, then think that the woman is pregnant. The kind of food people used to eat in ancient times was very pure. The kind of food people used to eat in the past were very clean. The women used to work hard, their daily routine along with this their eating & drinking habits was very good, the use of medicines and chemicals was less, people used to do more physical activity.

Because of this, they had no complaints of acidity or excessive acidic bile juice. That’s why the possibilities were made at that time which proved to be almost right, as it was said in the movies that people used to guess this.

But it is difficult to apply it in today’s time, due to the heavy diet plan and wrong eating habits and bad routine. Nowadays vomiting, nausea, dizziness can also be a common problem. So it is very important to know it correctly.

Let’s know what are the early signs of pregnancy or early symptoms of pregnancy are in today’s time.


What are the early signs of pregnancy?

What are the early symptoms of pregnancy?

Dear friends, while talking about early signs of pregnancy, many pregnant women begin to realize that she is pregnant but in many women, it does not happen. Hormonal changes are occurred because of which there is irritations, exhaustion, and desire to eat specific food repeatedly vomiting, nervousness, weakness in the morning, looseness in the body, and so on. Menstruation stops when pregnancy occurs.

  • The absence of menstrual cycle i.e amenorrhea.
  • Heaviness or tenderness in the breasts, the area around the nipple is dark black and if there is a slight pain, it can be an indication of pregnancy.
  • Feeling heaviness in the body when pregnancy occurs.
  • Due to hormonal changes- Irritation, headache, acute desire to eat sweets or Sour things, flatulence, frequent urination, changes in skin, signs of morning weakness are visible.
  • Vaginal discharge in which the woman may see white, milky substances coming from her vagina.

There may be other reasons also for this all the signs and symptoms, so if you see the symptoms then consult the DOCTOR and get a pregnancy test done in the laboratory.

Now the question is what to do when pregnancy happens and what things should be taken care of?

What to do when pregnancy happens?

First of all,

If you have symptoms shown above, such as morning weakness, vomiting, nausea, acute desire to eat sweets or sour things, absence of menstruation etc if symptoms appear together, and then contact your doctor to get the right information. Take remedies regarding the problem.

  • Do not eat food kept in the fridge. It can have a very bad effect on your health and may affect your child’s appearance.
  • Eat healthy and hygienic food.
  • consult your doctor for proper diet plan.
  • Drink fresh juice and eat green vegetables, fruits but on the advice of the doctor. Because the juice of papaya or papaya should not be taken during pregnancy, as it has a very bad effect on the child or your health. Therefore, doctor’s advice is necessary before taking anything.
  • Use vitamins, proteins that can help your child get adequate nutrition. Along with the doctor’s advice, use vitamin D to make the baby’s bones strong.
  •  Plan your daily routine life with doctor’s advice and take care of your health.·
  •  Read good books.
  • Do the activities that makes you happy, keep calm and stress free.

Do proper exercise and exercise should be done in the manner in which your stomach is not pressed; you should consult the doctor for what kind of exercise you should do during pregnancy. Breathing exercise are very helpful during pregnancy.

Ask your question and queries in the comment box below. We will try to answer your questions. Thank You.

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