information about digestive system digestion process

Information about digestive system Digestion process

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Information about digestive system Digestion process

Here is a small article about Information about digestive system Digestion process which answers your most of the queries and help you to understand how we obtain our food.

Human performs Holozoic type of nutrition. In this type of nutrition, there is breakdown of the complex solid food material into simple soluble substance inside the body. Human digestive system comprises of alimentary canal and digestive glands.

Alimentary canal is basically long , tubular structure which extend from mouth to the anus . In between of that various organs are present to perform specialized function such as-

     1.  Ingestion –

It is the process of taking food or other substances into the body by swallowing or absorbing it.We eat various types of food substance which pass through our digestive tract. It is achieve by crushing it by our teeth than mixing of saliva into it to lubricate food substance. Then it will reach to the esophagus.

    2.  Digestion :-

It involves breakdown of food substances into smaller fragments such as-

  • Digestion In Mouth –

Our mouth contain three types of salivary gland which secretes saliva for the partial digestion of carbohydrate. Saliva contains salivary amylase which acts on starch ( carbohydrate) to convert it into sugar.

  • Digestion In Stomach-

information about digestive system digestion process

The gastric glands present in the wall of stomach which release hydrochloric acid , a protein digesting enzyme called pepsin and mucus. The HCL creates an acidic medium which facilitate the action of enzyme of pepsin, which act on protein.

  • Digestion In Small Intestine :-

A.  Digestion Of Protein – The food coming from the stomach is acidic and has to be make alkaline for the pancreatic enzyme to act . Bile juice provide alkaline medium for the digestion . The enzyme present in pancreatic juice digest the protein into it’s simpler form.

  B.   Digestion Of Fats – Bile juice contain Bile salt which convert large globules of fats into small globules of fats for the efficiency for enzymatic action. Now the Lipase enzyme breakdown the small globules of fats into fatty acid and glycerol.

    3.   Absorption –

The digested is taken up by the walls of the intestine is known as absorption. For this purpose, the inner lining of small intestine has numerous finger like projection called villi, which increase the surface area for absorption.

    4.   Assimilation-

It occurs with the help of villi which are the richly supplied by blood vessels and absorb food. As a result food reaches to each and every cell of the body .

    5.   Excretion –

The remaining undigested food substance is sent to the large intestine, where more water and mineral get absorbed and rest of the waste material is remove out from the body through anus. Therefore, the process of throwing out of waste substance from body is called excretion.

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